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Someone tell me why the boys think I need to be up before 6:00 every morning? It's not the sun coming in the windows- the sun's not even up by then. It's not that there's anyone up making noise in the house, and it's not that they're still on Ontario time, because they're an hour behind us. So what's the problem, guys?

Other than that, though, things are great. We're in our new house in NS, AJ is working and enjoying it so far, I'm making steady progress at unpacking our many boxes, and it's just good to have my little family back together again. We were without internet access for the first week we were here (horrors!), but that's all straightened out now (obviously), and I'm back at my new blogging (STILL HATE THAT WORD) project, Adventures in Home Economics. That's about the only project/ creative thing I have time for these days; I think it'll be quite a while before I can get set up to start making my cards again.

Too... Tired... To... Write...

New posts at my WordPress site (not for those with delicate stomachs)

and mommyhood confidential

God, I'm so exhausted.


Bleeeeergh. Ack. Blegh.

I've had 2 sick boys for well over a week now. Isaac got sniffly at Thanksgiving, and it turned into strep throat; Simon's got a really runny nose, which is gross, but it just seems to be a virus. He's still all snotty, but Ike's doing just fine, even if he still needs the antibiotics (and a puffer for "reactive airway disease") through next week. The amazing thing is that I haven't come down with anything, even though they, my niece, my parents and my brother's girlfriend are all sick now. Lucky, too- I'm exhausted, and it would be tough to recover in this state!

Good news, though- I'm going to see AJ in 9 days! Yep, Ike and I are flying out to Regina on November 1st for his graduation. We'll be back here on the 4th (while AJ heads to NL to get the moving taken care of), and then I'm flying out to our new home with the boys on the 15th. It'll be weird to be all together again... it's been almost exactly 6 months since my little family has been complete. AJ hasn't seen Ike since he was 2 1/2 months old, and the little guy's crawling all over the place now. He won't believe how much Simon is talking now, or how much taller he's gotten in the last 6 months.

Still posting at
http://allisonwonder.wordpress.com. Sorry if I haven't been commenting as much over here as I used to; I'm trying to get back to read friends' entries, but I don't always get to stop to comment.

Aww, crap- both kids are awake now. So much for my dream of going to bed and sleeping this headache into submission...


I'm gonna move this shindig over to Wordpress.com

I'll keep my LJ account open so I can check in with my friends' journals, but I prefer the format and stuff over there.

I'll be at http://allisonwonder.wordpress.com if y'all want to visit me. I'll be posting pictures from our trip to the cottage pretty soon, and I'll tell you about my trip to Regina to see AJ... OK, not EVERYTHING about the trip...


 Oh. My. God.

The terrible Threes have begun. Simon is throwing a SCREAMING fit because he's exhausted, but doesn't want to go to bed. It's great, really.

We just got back from a great 2 weeks at the cottage, the best part of which was when I GOT TO GO SEE AJ for a day and a half. Not long enough (what would have been?) but infinitely better than nothing.

More on that later- I have a screaming almost-three year old to strangle comfort.


OK, here's my question:

If "Pokemon" is short for "Pocket Monster," does that mean that "Bionicle" (sp?) is short for "Bionic Testicle"? 


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I don't have the energy to write right now. My paper journal (as opposed to my livejournal) is seeing some action almost every day, but I just can't get my thoughts together to post on here. 


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